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When they do take a passing interest the region will be dismissed by many as being around taxed, also bureaucratic and having an excessive amount of welfare gains and work protectionism that will affect their bottom lines and so be less desirable assets than others in the mining sector. Without denying that understanding of t... Norway, Sweden and Finland don't instantly come to mind when North American and UK investors are considering mining stocks to enhance their portfolios. If they do take a passing interest many will ignore the place to be around taxed, too bureaucratic and having an excess of labor protectionism and welfare gains that will affect their bottom lines and so be less desirable assets than others in the mining sector. Should people wish to learn more on here's the site, we know about thousands of online libraries you can investigate. There are other facets which merit a closer study, without denying that perception of the region is wrong. For instance there are mines that have been in continuous production since as early as the sixteenth century, if not earlier in the day. It's light emitting diode to a stable workforce that is between the most experienced in the company with a benefit to production. Discover additional resources on a related URL by navigating to Online Tools Make Translation (Chinese/English). The long-established mining companies haven't stinted on purchasing the latest technology and equipment making their operations amongst the most affordable of any worldwide. Browse here at to check up how to consider it. Long-term development prospects look promising as all three countries are actively engaged in pushing the development of mining. Enhance here is the fact that parts of the region are abundant in base and precious metal bearing ores and also coal makes a worthwhile region to it for your trader to get more than a superficial interest in. To acquire you started have a look at the sites of these mining companies with operations in Scandinavia- Boliden A-B (Quoted o-n Stockholm SE) Equinox Minerals Ltd (quoted in Australia) & Canada BHP Billiton (offered London, New York & Australia) LKAB ( Luossavvaara-Kiiravaara AB-State owned) Alba Mineral Resources plc (London AIM Mkt) American Diamonds plc (London AIM Mkt) Anglo American plc (quoted London &ors ) Visiting probably provides cautions you could give to your friend.